Student Life


Program Components

Modular in format

For roughly three weeks, students fully immerse themselves in a single topic at a time, allowing for easy retention and for opportunities to integrate knowledge and practical experience. The program is 8-months in length, running September to April.

Community Focused

Students live together in a community-shared campus while participating in the basic rhythms and routines of life as part of the discipleship experience.

Home-church Connected

Connection with a church is crucial to spiritual formation. Students participate in the life of their home church through shared experience, testimony, assignment work, and involvement with a mentor throughout the year.


Staff members are not just teachers, but mentors who walk alongside participants through each component of the program.

Experientially Rich

The program integrates learning with a range of experiences and practical ministry opportunities.


Thrive is designed to help participants engage various cultural realities with joy and integrity.


Students leave the Thrive program…

  • Understanding the big picture of the Bible from Old to New Testament

  • Matured in faith formation

  • Equipped to defend their faith

  • Knowing their identity in the body of Christ

  • Having experienced God through prayer, worship, communion, recreation, dorm life, and more

  • Confident in their Christian identity, relationship with Jesus and their value in Him

  • Following Jesus with established habits for spiritual discipline

  • Living their faith through day to day mission opportunities

  • Established personal community

  • Social empathy

  • Financial stewardship

  • Tools to study the bible and identify its authority

Program Costs

Tuition: $6,300 / yr.
Residence Fees: $3,700 / yr.

Total Program Cost: $10,000

$10,000/year payable in 2 installments - one in fall and one for second semester. Payment for each semester ($5,000 per semester) is due upon arrival on campus and prior to the start of each term.