Our Heart:

Forming Whole and Holy Disciples of Jesus Christ

Thrive is an 8 month Discipleship Program with the purpose of equipping disciples of Jesus Christ through Biblical teaching, intentional community, and hands on learning experiences

WHOLE - The journey from teenager to adult is a key transition in the lives of students. Thrive seeks to walk alongside students in the process of growing into maturity and completeness in all areas of life - spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and vocational.

HOLY - A holy life is one set apart exclusively for God and His mission. At Thrive, we explore what it means to live, move and have our being in Jesus. As we discover our identity in Christ, we can bring glory to Him in everything we do in the Church and in the world.

To be a Disciple is to follow Jesus. Thrive is an opportunity to be trained as a disciple and to go and make more disciples of Jesus.


- LIVE -


BE -

“For in HIM we LIVE, MOVE and have our BEing”

Acts 17:28