Student and Parent Perspectives

" I feel like a lot of high school graduates might disregard a Bible College because they 'already know about Jesus'.  It might feel like spending a year re-learning to walk.  I used to feel the same way, but it was only after going to Thrive that I realized how much I genuinely needed it.  It gave me necessary tools to grow, understand, solidify and practice my faith.  I can't recommend the Thrive program enough.  I know God meant for me to be there."



" The community life at Thrive is so close, we are all like family.  I had the privilege to get to know 8 people so well they were like my siblings.  We were a family of believers who always were there for each other no matter what.  Through ups and downs there was always a supportive community.  We cried and laughed and everything in between, having that supportive community got me through some tough times and I am so happy and blessed I got the privilege to be so close to everyone and be a family."



Our daughter's year at Thrive was amazing!  She loved her time there!  We are so pleased with the young woman she has become. She is confident, both in herself and in her faith.  She has become independent in a new way, with a confidence based on her relationship with God.  In addition, her desire to serve God has increased.  She was challenged and moved by the various service projects and ministries in which she engaged.  Her heart was broken for the homeless.  She was overjoyed to see how God used her in each of her ministries.  As homeschooling parents of a young person transitioning from the home into the world, we highly recommend the Thrive Program at Bethany.  We found it to be the perfect way for our daughter to make that first big move from home."



" Thrive was such a loving and welcoming community that made us students feel very encouraged in what we were doing.  The professors were amazing and I am very grateful to have been presented with many practical and personal tools to help me through different times in my life.  It blew me away how much time, work, energy and love the staff gave to the program.  One of the most valuable things that I will take from Thrive is the encouragement I received about who I am in Christ and because of that I have been able to be myself - rather than being called out for what I haven't been doing, I have been called up to a greater purpose.  This is something that I want to encourage others with as I continue on!"



" It was good to have the balance of teaching and hands-on work.  It was a learning process just like the disciples had when they were following Jesus.  I'm going to further my Christian education because I got a taste of what learning about God is at Thrive."


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