THRIVE is an 8 month (September-April) Discipleship Program for students who are looking to take the next step in their faith journey.

At THRIVE we provide a unique balance of classroom learning and hands-on experience through partnerships with churches and other organizations. THRIVE is about growing in your knowledge of God and applying that knowledge by putting your faith into action.

THRIVE equips students and helps them grow in spiritual rhythms and habits. The THRIVE Program will help students build a stronger foundation in their journey with Christ. THRIVE is about investing in your faith, investing in community and investing in God’s Kingdom


Students will have the opportunity to...

  • Grow in their understanding of who God is and their identity in Him (rooted in Jesus Christ)

  • Engage as active and intentional members of the body of Christ

  • grow in their understanding of God's word through intentional teaching, studying and personal devotion 

  • Mature in Faith and be equipped to live it out

  • Experience God through intentional community, worship and daily rhythms

  • Establish healthy habits spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally

  • Be disciples who live out God's mission through serving others

  • Establish intentional and meaningful relationships  with others

  • Learn to see and engage the world around them through the eyes and heart of God