Live. Move. Be. (Acts 17:28)

Thrive is an 8 month (September-April) Discipleship Program in Hepburn SK, for students out of high school.  The heart of THRIVE is to help in forming WHOLE and HOLY Disciples of Christ Jesus.

At THRIVE we provide a unique balance of intentional classroom learning and hands-on experience through partnerships with churches, ministries and other organizations.

Thrive is driven by intentional relationships with mentors, friends and the greater community.  We are called to not simply survive life but to THRIVE in it, and it is our heart to invest in and equip young adults to do just that!

Program Overview:

Modular Classes

Students fully immerse themselves in individual courses for 1-2 weeks at a time, allowing for easy retention and for many opportunities to integrate knowledge with practical experience.

Intentional Community

Students live together in a community-shared campus while participating in the basic rhythms and routines of life together as part of the discipleship experience.

Connected To The Church

Students participate in the life of the Church as valuable members of the Body of Christ.

Intentional Mentorship Relationships

Discipleship best happens in the context of doing life together.  Staff, teachers and the overall THRIVE community desires to invest in young adults through the power of intentional relationship.  Mentors invest in our students and walk alongside them in the journey of life.

Experientially Rich

THRIVE provides many opportunities to learn, serve and grow.  Students will have opportunity to step out of their comfort zones.  With a healthy balance of practical application, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and to experience new opportunities through intentional relationships, service and a daily rhythm of devotion to Jesus Christ.



Students will have the opportunity to...

  • grow in their understanding of who god is and their identity in him (rooted in jesus christ)

  • engage as active and intentional members of the body of christ

  • grow in their understanding of god's word through intentional teaching, studying and personal devotion 

  • Mature in Faith and be equipped to live it out

  • experience god through intentional community, worship and daily rhythms

  • establish healthy habits spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally

  • Be disciples who live out god's mission through serving others

  • establish intentional and meaningful relationships  with others

  • learn to see and engage the world around them through the eyes and heart of god

Program Costs

Tuition: $6,300 / yr.
Residence Fees: $3,700 / yr.

Total Program Cost: $10,000

$10,000/year payable in 2 installments - one in fall and one for second semester. Payment for each semester ($5,000 per semester) is due upon arrival on campus and prior to the start of each term.

Early Bird Scholarships are available each year for the first 5 applicants!

*Scholarships, bursaries and student assistant funding is available - please contact us!*