Thrive Program Outline

Semester 1 & 2

  • The Story of God Part 1
  • The Story of God Part 2
  • A Life of Worship
  • Genesis 1 - 11
  • Skills for Effective Ministry
  • The Gospel for Real Life
  • Making Disciples
  • Youth Culture
  • The Christian Life

Course Overview:

The Story of God Part 1 (Old Testament) - Allan Friesen

This course will be an introduction to the Old Testament and the first People of God.  The students will be drawn into the story, identify with their struggles and come better to understand the link between Old Testament and New (Moses and Jesus, The Prophets and Jesus, Israel and the Church).  Most importantly, the students will be able to make the connection between God's work throughout all times and the response of His people (the church) in our own day.


The Story of God Part 2  (New Testament) - Stephanie Christianson

This course will explore the second half of the whole story of God: the New Testament.  Starting with the intertestamental period, students will continue the journey through the story of scripture seeing how each smaller story connects with one another, how it connects with the greater story of God, and how each students is a part of that story in the present day.


A Life of Worship - Leanne Schellenberg

A life of worship is one that "wakes up to God's love" in day to day life and then responds with faith, gratitude and obedience.  In this course, the students will come to see that all the stuff of life can draw them into worship as they grow their capacity to be aware of God's presence.


Genesis 1 - 11 - Vance Nelson

Dinosaurs.  Fossils.  Evolution.  Millions of Years.  Noah's Flood.  Tower of Babel.  These are all hot topics.  How are these to be understood in light of Scripture?  What about in light of science?  This course will look at these and other origin topics in light of the first eleven chapters of Genesis.  The students will learn how our faith affects how we perceive and interpret evidence.


Skills for Effective Ministry - Mike Gordon

This course will explore practical skills, good practices and ethical principles that help in ministering to others effectively. 


The Gospel for Real Life - Jason Duermeyer

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the most powerful, most important, and best news that the world has ever heard - and will ever hear.  Therefore, nothing could be more worthy of serious study than the Gospel.  Using the Bible as our primary and most authoritative book, we will seek in this course to understand on a deeper level what the Gospel is and how it applies to every area of real life.


Making Disciples - Mike Newson

Unfortunately, when we look at the Church in North America, she seems to be doing a great job making learners about Jesus and the Bible, but she is really having a hard time training every disciple to know how to make disciples who know how to make disciples.  There are four reasons for this and they are the basis of the training we do in this course, honestly, todays believer doesn't know WHY they should make disciples; WHO they would make disciples of; WHAT to do with a disciple if they had one; or WHEN they would make time for making disciples.  Each week's curriculum trains the student on one of those questions.  Students will also gain skills to share their testimony and the Gospel.


Youth Culture - James Penner

This course is an examination of Canadian millennial youth culture trends.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the marginalization of young people and prolonged nature of emerging adulthood in advanced industrial late modern societies in part linked to youth identity being defined increasingly in consumer rather than producer terms.  An integral part of the course will be to connect with a theological exploration of the strategic role that faith communities can play in the twenty first century and corresponding strategies for youth and church who wish to follow Jesus during this restless, secular era.


The Christian Life

This course will dig deeper into issues and practices of a Christian disciple by turning the student's attention toward important personal choices.  Areas such as marriage/sexuality, finances, social relationships, spiritual choices, and personal habits will be explored from the perspective of a follower of Jesus.  Students will be encouraged to reflect more deeply upon their beliefs, personal habits, actions and choices.